Reporting Services

Affinity Court Reporters offers standard delivery of 10 business days, competitive pricing and rates, and complimentary condensed transcript with word index on all copy orders.


With our online depository/repository you can access your transcripts and exhibits remotely from any Internet location you choose.


With your desktop or laptop and Internet connection, attend the deposition with our internet attendance feature, you will be able to join a deposition from anywhere in the world.


Reporting Solutions


     ♦ Depositions                  ♦ Arbitrations                ♦ Mediations

      ♦ Hearings                      ♦ Trials                          ♦ Meetings

      ♦ Conferences                ♦ Focus Groups            ♦ Mock/Training

      ♦ CART


Deposition Solutions


     ♦ Online Scheduling/Calendar                   ♦ Last-Minute Scheduling

      ♦ Videographers & Photographers            ♦ Interpreters

      ♦ Worldwide Videoconferencing                ♦ Teleconferencing

      ♦ Trial Presentation                                    ♦ Document Depository

      ♦ Realtime Reporters                                 ♦ Expedites & Dailies

      ♦ Reserve Conference Rooms


Transcript Solutions


      ♦ Electronic Transcripts                             ♦ Electronic Bundling

      ♦ Transcript-Video Synching                     ♦ Electronic ASCII

      ♦ Electronic Rough Transcript                   ♦ Time Coding

      ♦ Complimentary Condensed Transcript w/ Word Index