Media Services



The 21st century jury welcomes the advances in video technology as a way of receiving evidence in its most powerful form.

Capture the attention of the jury, judge or arbitrator with the impact of visual media!


Let Affinity Court Reporters demonstrate the latest state-of-the-art courtroom technology and our video and text synchronization presented on DVD.


Video Solutions


    ♦  Videotaped Depositions

    ♦  Mock Depositions/Mock Trials

    ♦  Video Statements

    ♦  Audio/Video IMEs

    ♦  Day-in-the-Life Documentaries

    ♦ Vehicle Inspections

    ♦ Scientific Testing

    ♦ Site Inspections

    ♦ Nonlinear Digital Video Editing

    ♦ Settlement Videos

    ♦ Internet Video Streaming 


   ♦  Media Restoration/Preparation

   ♦  Deposition-Video Synchronization

   ♦  Audio/Video Duplication in most formats

   ♦  Output to CD-ROM, DVD or VHS

   ♦  Courtroom Playback/Trial Presentation

   ♦  Witness Preparation

   ♦  Accident Re-Enactment

   ♦  Inventory

   ♦  Special Projects

   ♦  Equipment Rental



Trial Solutions


Let our professionally trained trial consultants help you prepare a precise, thorough and visually compelling case to present to a judge or jury. We offer an unsurpassed trial presentation package that consists of the following for that visual impact:

   ♦ Interactive 50" or larger SmartBoard™ for Jury

   ♦ HD Projector works in conjunction with SmartBoard™

   ♦ 14-24" LCD Screens supplied to plaintiff's table, defense table,  judge podium and video operator or paralegal

   ♦ Laptop with Trial Director™ and all your exhibits, transcripts and video preloaded and identified

   ♦ Sound system for audio playback

   ♦ All cables and supplies necessary for trial package



Photography Solutions


Do you have a need for a professional photographer?

We produce high-quality digital photographic images that will display and preserve current conditions of the following and many more:


    ♦ Accident sites

    ♦ Damage to vehicles

    ♦ Improper repair work

    ♦ Structural damage

    ♦ Construction defects

    ♦ Anything you may want to memorialize for the record


All images are made using professional digital cameras and final output is to

CD-ROM or DVD for proofing. Then we will gladly produce photos of any size you require.

We can also capture and convert image off of videotape to still images.

Let us create high-quality professional portraits of your attorneys and staff, either in studio or at your offices.